Meet The Band


The Fossils first came together during a series of jam sessions at Mike Stevenson’s house in Lockhart in 2001. A shared love of 60s rock and roll, blues, and honky-tonk music was the magnetic force which caused the band to coalesce. By 2002, the line-up of musicians was set.
The Fossils play an earthy blend of classic tunes, more obscure personal favorites, and originals. The hallmark of the band is the fun they share with each other and the audience. If it’s not fun, it’s not the Fossils. Dig it.

Ronnie Bergeron, keyboard and accordion; Ronnie is a former member of the Electric Eels and a current member of the Saw Sages, Bastrop’s finest saw band.




J.J. Grigar III, guitar; J.J. is a former member of Cherry and the Reverbs and is also a member of the Saw Sages.





John McMillan, guitar; John is a former member of the Mullettones, the Blue Fin Tuners, and the Electric Eels, and also plays with the Burris Family Band and the Saw Sages.




Ray Ramsey, drums; Ray is a former member of the band Texas.





Mike Stevenson, bass; Mike is a former member of the Lewis Street Band, the Cody Hobach band, and the High Cotton Express…Kent Finlay’s house band at Cheatham Street Warehouse.


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